Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand.
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Muay Thai focuses on developing fighters of all ages and abilities in a traditional Muay Thai environment. Head trainer Troy Dorsey has been fighting since the age of seven and has a wealth of knowledge across all levels from complete beginners to our professional fighters. Starting out or looking to get fit? We will encourage you with our passion for the sport, fresh clean food and healthy living. Looking to fight professionally? We develop our champions by improving their skills, gaining experience and confidence in Muay Thai.

To maintain this high standard of training Troy Dorsey’s School of Champions accepts a limited number of fighters at any one time to ensure students are getting enough attention to excel. You can expect to train as a group alongside your peers, we’ve found this the best way to train as it encourages motivation and builds relationships.


While the focus is on traditional Muay Thai, Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym cross-trains fighters in western boxing. The fighting styles complement one another and give an extra edge. We also train exclusively in western boxing and organise prize fights for western style boxers.


Although Muay Thai is an incredible workout, fighters and hobbyists alike can benefit from supplemental strength and conditioning. This can help to improve power and stamina, reduce the risk of injuries and achieve weight-loss goals more quickly.

Troy Dorsey’s School of Champions has equipment ready for you to use in your free time such as climbing ropes, custom pull ups, weights, bars and pullies.

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01. Improve Fitness

02. Improve Flexibility

03. Gain Strength

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