Martial Arts in Mansfield, TX, Instructed by 8x World Champion, Troy Dorsey


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Troy Dorsey's Karate
TDK in Mansfield, Texas
— Since 1981 —

Instructed by 8x World Champion, Troy Dorsey's Karate is your go-to Karate and Martial Arts facility in Mansfield, Texas. Troy instills the values of discipline, self-control, and respect. Troy Dorsey is an internationally renowned martial artist, 8-time World Champion, and is recognized as one of the greatest martial artists of all time.

Founded in 1981 Troy Dorsey's Karate is located in Troy’s hometown of Mansfield, Texas. Troy’s passion does not end on the mats; he carries his love and passion for people throughout the streets of his hometown. He is a recognized strong community leader, is actively involved in his church, and most importantly, he is a loving father to his two daughters and a caring husband to his wife of 28 years.

With over 35 years of teaching experience, Mr. Dorsey provides training for people of all ages, physical abilities, and fitness levels. He specializes in not only the physical aspects of martial arts, but also in teaching valuable life skills. He is well known well in the community for his special ability to work with children and help them improve in the areas of academic achievement, attitude, focus, self-control, confidence, and respect.



No matter your age or physical physique, we instill self-defense, fitness, and valuable life skills, while motivating our students to become more confident and leading members of our community.
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115 N. Main St.
Mansfield, TX 76063
(817) 477-5523
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It's been so wonderful for my son's self confidence and has helped him focus better. I love that the teachers are so hands on with the kids, they truly care about what goes on with them. They teach more than just karate here, they teach real life situations and morals! I've been extremely happy with Mr. Dorsey's place and recommend it to everyone!"

- Melissa Z.



Such a wonderful establishment!! Kind, caring and willing to help out the community. Not only did he donate to our fundraiser, but he also added this family to his prayer list and gave us his testimony before we left!"

- Samantha P.



I have 5 children enrolled in Mr. Dorsey's Karate classes, and they love going to class every week. He is a great teacher, and he has a lot of patience with all of the kids in the classes."

- Kandi J.