Troy Dorsey is an internationally renowned martial artist, 8-time World Champion and is recognized as one of the greatest martial artists of all time.

Kids Karate

Want your child to have the great benefits associated with the Martial Arts but not sure what to expect. Our classes will have you sweating, smiling and learning. They will learn how to fight back, protect themselves while growing as respectful, healthier and more aware.

Corporate Training

We know that healthier employees means increased productivity in your work place. It also means less sick days taken so you’re able to capitalize on your profits as a company.

Law Enforcement

Professional athletes use their bodies to earn a living. Law Enforcement Officers are professional athletes. Your paycheck not only depends upon your fitness, but so too does your job performance and survivability.

Self Defense

What we teach is not a sport; we are not interested in points or competitions. If you are more concerned with making it safely home each night, then we are exactly the place for you.


No matter your age or physical physique, we instill self-defense, fitness, and valuable life skills, while motivating our students to become more confident and leading members of our community.

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And now it’s official. Meet the new Troy Dorsey’s School of Champions.


Our Students

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Instructed by 8x World Champion, Troy Dorsey’s Karate is your go-to Karate and Martial Arts facility in Mansfield, Texas.


Great Programs

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